Fantastic Faculty :: Local History “Pleibol!”

In honor of Black History Month, Associate Professor of History Amy French has created a series of short videos on site at the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History to review the exhibit Pleibol! In the Barrios and the Big Leagues! on loan from the Smithsonian.

In this clip, Amy gives an overview of the Pleibol! exhibit:

This short recording focuses on a Latino team in Saginaw:

Latina women played ball too as Amy reports in this clip:

Segregation kept many people of color from playing Big League baseball as Amy shows us here:

Amy adds, “The exhibit will continue throughout March, so I encourage you to head on down.”

Here is the Castle’s FB page where the CEO of the museum has been conducting interviews with important people in the field:

Here is the museum’s website:

Dr. French is also the Coordinator of Delta College’s Humanities Learning Center, sharing what Delta faculty are doing in their classrooms, what they are reading, what they are creating, what they are watching, and much more. To get the most recent releases of her interviews with faculty as well as links to other cultural events in the area, follow the HLC Facebook page: