Executive Board

Ski VanderLaan

Ski is Professor of Accounting and has been with Delta College since 2005. Ski joined the Delta College faculty from New Mexico State University. She has served on the Faculty Executive Committee, completing one year as chair, and also served five years in the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence as Coordinator and two years as eLearning Director.
Email: president.dcfa-at-gmail.com

Vice President
Daisy McQuiston

Daisy is Associate Professor of Nursing and has been with Delta College since 2005. Daisy started at Delta as an adjunct instructor before joining the full-time Nursing faculty in 2006. In addition to her faculty position at Delta, Daisy serves as the Chair of the Faculty Executive Council, the Nursing Program Coordinator, and Board of Directors member for Michigan Association of Higher Education.
Email: DCFA.VP-at-gmail.com

Wendy Szafranski

Wendy Szafranski is Associate Professor of Nursing and has been with Delta College since 2009. In addition to her faculty position at Delta, Wendy serves as the Nursing Clinical Coordinator. Wendy has served on the Senate Executive Board, is part of the Curriculum Council, and is Co-Chair of the Policy and Processes Subcommittee.
Email: dcfa.secretary-at-gmail.com

Amy French

Amy is Professor of History and has been with Delta since 2004. She started as an adjunct instructor and continued in that capacity while working on her Ph.D. In 2010, she was hired full-time. Amy has held many leadership roles including Director of the Student Food Pantry, President of the Delta Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, Director of the Humanities Learning Center, Chair of the Historical Society of Saginaw County Board of Directors, and Co-Chair of Delta’s Women’s History Month Committee. She serves on many committees and is active in the community. She is currently also the Coordinator of the History Department at Delta.
Email: professorafrench-at-gmail.com

Negotiation Team Chair
Matthew Eyre

Matt is Professor and Program Coordinator of Engineering and Wind Turbine Technology. He has been with Delta College since 2006. Matt has served Delta in many roles, which include former Division Chair, Faculty Salary Committee, Budget Cabinet, Curriculum Sub-Council and Council, as well as numerous hiring and promotion committees.
Email: mattheweyre300-at-protonmail.com

Immediate Past-President
Chris Curtis

Chris is Professor of Psychology and has been with Delta College since 1992.  Chris started at Delta as an adjunct instructor, served as a Lecturer-as-Needed, then Distance Learning Coordinator before joining the full-time Psychology faculty in 1999. From 2010-2015, Chris served as Social Science Division Chair. In addition to his faculty positions at Delta, Chris served on Senate Executive Board, on Faculty Executive Council, one year as FEC Chair, and for three years as Chair of the Council of Chairs.
Email: DCFA.Curtis-at-gmail.com