Delta College Fantastic Faculty

Beginning October 2010, members of the Delta College faculty began putting together a monthly newsletter for the Board entitled “Fantastic Faculty.” While faculty were invited to attend Board meetings and present professional work in which they were engaged, this opportunity could only spotlight a limited number of faculty and their initiatives.

Fantastic Faculty allowed the Board the opportunity to see a much broader range of faculty engagements with students in the classroom, among their national professional colleagues, as well as in the local community. A group of faculty representatives shared responsibility for collecting, compiling and publishing the newsletter for inclusion in each month’s BoardBook.

In 2021, the DCFA PR Committee took responsibility for compiling the Fantastic Faculty newsletter and submitting it to the monthly BoardBook. All faculty are invited to participate, full-time or part-time, union member or not. These stories are also made available to the media for regional and national news circulation. As a courtesy to our News Colleagues, new links will be made available to the public here in the month following the board meeting.

If you are interested in more information or early access, please contact Denise Hill,

Fantastic Faculty – September 2022

Fantastic Faculty – August 2022

There is no July Fantastic Faculty due to the Board not meeting.

Fantastic Faculty – June 2022

Fantastic Faculty – May 2022

Fantastic Faculty – April 2022

Fantastic Faculty – March 2022

Fantastic Faculty – February 2022