Fantastic Faculty :: Future Surg Tech Text

Associate Professor of Surgical Technology Rebecca Hall is both a contributing author and executive editor of a new textbook, The Practice and Principles of Surgical Assisting. One of the nation’s top publishing companies, McGraw Hill, is the publisher. Rebecca explains, “It is being written by surgical assistants to be used by the surgical assisting programs. While McGraw Hill is the publisher, the Association of Surgical Assistants is the sponsor. They will own the rights to the book.”

Since the book is currently only 60% complete, Rebecca explains, it is not yet slated for a publication date. “The publisher needs 80% to begin building the book. I am hopeful the remaining chapters will come in in a timely manner.”

There can be no better authors and editors for textbooks than experienced teachers, especially from such a successful program as Delta’s. Both our students and faculty have much to look forward to when the book becomes available for classroom use.