Fantastic Faculty :: New Surg Tech Tech

Surgical Programs Faculty at Delta College were excited to welcome a new addition to their classroom on April 29 this year. A new lap Surgical Technical simulator will be used by both Surgical Technology students and Surgical First Assistant students. The lap ST simulator will allow students to practice holding the camera for laparoscopic procedures as well as develop hand eye coordination and practice anatomy recognition exercises. This is essential knowledge and skill for Delta program graduates to have so they can assist surgeons with laparoscopic surgery procedures such as as clamping vessels, cutting, suctioning, and suturing. Delta College ST and SFA faculty will also receive special training in order to teach this new technology. Once again, Delta College faculty keep both themselves and their students up-to-date with technology to produce some of the most sought-after graduates in the field. To better understand how this technology is used, watch laparoscopy simulation training videos on the Surgical Science website: Video | LapSim® | Surgical Science