Fantastic Faculty :: RAD-AID International

Professor of Radiology Cindy Kramer applied for and was awarded a grant through the American Society of Radiologic Technologists to work with RAD-AID International. RAD-AID brings radiology to low-resource areas by delivering education, equipment, infrastructure and support. Cindy explains, “My task was to develop informational and educational resources that could be shared with patients so that they might better understand what takes place when they receive radiologic examinations.” Over two months, Cindy worked with representatives from RAD-AID to understand their end goals for this effort and to develop the content.

Cindy engaged her students in the process as they supplied her with photographs of work they were doing in the clinic to add realistic visual content. The completed an audio/visual presentation and brochure will be shared around the world.

“I have always had a desire to do mission work and use my radiology knowledge, and this was a perfect combination,” Cindy explains. “Historically, I would have gone to other countries and ‘taught’ them directly; however, travel was eliminated, and education/content was moved to online, much like we did on campus. It’s wonderful that RAD-AID is continuing its work all over the world through the pandemic. It was a great opportunity to serve my profession and network on a higher level.”

“I hope to continue to volunteer with this organization in any capacity they wish. I look forward to teaching others in underserved areas the importance of safety and quality in radiologic imaging.”